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TaskUs RPA Success Story

by sol-admin

TaskUs is one of the fastest-growing business service companies in the world, delivering customer support, AI operations and security services to help power the most innovative companies. Here is how Manish Pandya, its SVP, answers the following questions:

Why RPA?

  • Improve the “Front Line” team experience with task automation
  • Eliminate the need for teammates to navigate multiple client systems in their work
  • Hybrid and cognitive automation
  • The lower burden on client IT teams
  • Reduce the impact on training
  • Create a reusable stack of solutions
  • Achieve better margins

Why Automation Anywhere?
“TaskUs is a cloud-first company. We were born in the cloud and we work with clients that are disruptive they are cloud-native. So, when Automation Anywhere came to us with a solution that was cloud-based which is the cloud A2019 solution, we obviously jumped on it and we have experienced that is super easy to develop solutions on the latest version and utilize the cloud setup. Also, it has aspects of bot store that we plan to use in the future. Not only leverage what’s out there but also contribute to it. Automation Anywhere also provided us an ability to realize our end-to-end automation strategy. Plus Automation Anywhere provides us a high level of security and it was super easy for them to pass through our rigorous standards, for security internally and for our clients, it also provides us a final level of control on the access levels.”

Watch the full presentation of Manish here.