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Tax Automation Webinar by Digital Workforce

by sol-admin

Jarkko Tuomolin, Head of Tax Process Automation, and Teemu Vieruaho, Head of Intelligent Automation, both at Digital Workforce, invite you to watch how they explore the unique challenges organizations are facing today and how tax process automation can be used to deliver faster accounting cycles and swifter decision-making.

In the webinar, Jarkko Tuomolin, an established veteran in corporate tax, shares his unique understanding regarding how automation can solve challenges for organizations operating in complex operational environments. Meanwhile, Teemu Vieruaho, an elite automation practitioner, highlights relevant use cases that demonstrate the effectiveness of using this technology in tax environments.

Key takeaways from this webinar include:

– Identifying prime candidates for Intelligent Tax Automation.
– Quantifying the automation potential and benefits available for selected tax processes.
– Defining the most feasible automation technologies for selected tax processes and for your company’s IT/RPA environment? How to modify manual processes to be fit for automation.

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