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Tech Predictions for 2022: Artificial Intelligence and Automation

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The tech forecasters below are top practitioners who are close to their respective sectors. They’re the experts who have long labored in AI, data analytics, digital transformation, accruing years of deep market experience. If anyone can foresee the future, it’s these seasoned thought leaders. Let’s take a look at their predictions, which might be great food for thought.

RPA Will Ease Resource Challenges

“A global shortage of talent and labor has become the main constraint for growth among major consulting firms. Nearly two in three consulting firms say they’re short-staffed, and one in five are turning down new business as a result. Leveraging emerging technology like RPA linked with AI will help address staffing shortages, streamline processes, create new efficiencies, and reduce costs. In 2022 and beyond, consulting will be more knowledge-based and insight-based. The ability to get insight from data will be a critical skill that is going to be more in demand for consulting firms.”

Vivek Bharti, VP of Product Management, Icertis

Automation over Outsourcing

“By 2025, over 50% of the revenue of the major consultancies will be derived from service delivery that leverages automation and AI instead of just human resources. The 2020s will see large consultancies, VARs, Integrators, and Outsourcers strategically moving to build, acquire, or adopt automation technologies or risk becoming non-competitive. This will represent a major shift in how IT infrastructure programs are delivered over the next several years.”

Andrew Sweeney, Co-CEO, ReadyWorks

Automation Gets Easier to Implement

“Organizations will begin to see that automation isn’t that difficult once you get going. In today’s organizations, processes are everywhere, and most of them can be automated to increase productivity and quality of efficiency. However, automation as a business initiative can be overwhelming for organizations looking to get the ball rolling. In 2022, IT leaders should start small and begin by selecting a less complex process to implement. A successful lighthouse project will allow organizations to scale automation efforts as the next steps.”

Bernd Rücker, Chief Technologist, Camunda

Healthcare will See the Biggest Impact from AI and ML

“I predict that in 2022, the healthcare industry will see the biggest impact from AI and ML. With advances in technology and data collection, AI and ML will be able to assist with diagnosis and treatment and can dramatically accelerate the development of medicines and vaccines. The potential to extend human life is a very real possibility while also improving the quality of life, thanks to advances made during the pandemic. Additionally, this will have the most direct impact on the average consumer and will bring AI/ML to the forefront on consumer confidence.”

Myles Gilsenan, Vice President of Data, Analytics and AI, Apps Associates

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