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Technology Leaders Tip Collection Aimed to 2022

by sol-admin

As enterprises across the economy complete the great cloud migration and advances in data science unearth new ways to leverage exploding troves of information — coupled with regulatory changes around privacy and user data — the pace of change shows no sign of slowing soon.

With 2022 already looming on everyone’s business plans, it wouldn’t be in vain to check in with engineering, IT, and data science leaders at some of the most relevant companies in software today, spanning everything from digitally native consumer apps to SaaS providers to century-old household names that have skillfully adapted to the digital age. Here is a bunch of their insights and tips about the technology trends shaping their various industries and how they advise harnessing those changes to set themselves up for success in the years to come.

“Traditional concepts like channels are fading as a more holistic approach to media buying takes hold. The use of AI will increase across the board, from the conversion funnel to dynamic creative optimization.”

Carl Ludewig, EVP of Engineering, Kinesso (Marketing intelligence)

“We are starting to see new user interfaces like digital whiteboarding continue to evolve through the hybrid working environment that will be prevalent post-pandemic, which will bring sustainable productivity that supports the ‘connect everywhere, work anywhere’ world we live in.”

Chris Burgess, VP OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY, Expedia Group (Hotels.com, Vrbo, Egencia, Trivago, etc.)

“Focus on leading with empathy to keep your teams happy, productive, and engaged. This past year, everyone has experienced a great deal of change. It’s important to remember that the people on our teams are, in fact, human, and humans thrive when they feel well cared for and appreciated.”

Stuart Parmenter (pictured), CHIEF TECHNOLOGY OFFICER, One Medical (Healthcare)

“Make sure you’re building products that you believe in, not just that the business says it needs. I believe Apptio’s products are critical to any organization that needs to move rapidly.”


“Advancements in AR and VR in fashion and ‘try-on’ is a huge disruptor in this space, and it’s not just for consumers — it’s also changing the way that we design apparel.”

Pooja Brown, SVP OF ENGINEERING, Stitch Fix (Fashion)

“My advice is to be a little bit flexible with the methodologies that you’ve held as the Holy Grail for the way software is developed. I don’t necessarily have the answer, but I do know that what has been working for the past decade will need to change.”

Josh Builder, CHIEF TECHNOLOGY OFFICER, Signify Health (In-home health services)

“Do not hire for specific skill sets, but hire smart technologists and engineers who can learn new skills. Do not hire for open roles only, but hire great people when you find them. They will help you find the perfect role for them.”

Mainak Sarkar, EVP OF PRODUCT AND TECHNOLOGY, Tinuiti (Performance marketing)

“Investing in early career diversity, employee retention and career development means that, three to five years later, our engineering leadership is much more diverse than the tech industry at large, seeding a virtuous cycle of attracting strong diverse hires.”

Natalie Glance, SVP OF ENGINEERING, Duolingo (Education)

“Not every software company has speed built into their DNA, but develop your solution and take it to the customer. Long cycles will cost you business.”

Sarika Khanna, CHIEF PRODUCT OFFICER, Medallia (Customer experience)

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