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techUK Urges British Government To Boost Usage Of Intelligent Automation

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techUK is the trade association that brings together people, companies, and organizations to realize the positive outcomes of what digital technology can achieve. They create a network for innovation and collaboration across business, government, and stakeholders to provide a better future for people, society, the economy, and the planet. Recently, the association issued a briefing paper with a few recommendations aimed at boosting the take-up of intelligent automation (IA) in central government. Let’s take a closer look at that.

The paper says:

  • The initial progress in usage of Intelligent Automation by the government has slowed and work is needed to ensure a consistent understanding of how it can be used.
  • There is an opportunity to encourage take-up in the recent creation of the Central Digital and Data Office (CDD) for government, along with drivers from the disruption of work priorities by Covid-19, changes in the workforce, the need to integrate transformation into legacy systems, the demand for more citizen-centric services and for better value for the taxpayer.
  • The Automation Taskforce within the Cabinet Office has noted the need for a more focused approach and responds with two recommendations: that there is a need for an IA forum involving government and industry to highlight what is possible; and that knowledge sharing tools and platforms such as the Automation Register should be more visible and accessible.

The paper also points to the need for a cultural shift, with a recommendation that leaders should build the expectation of automation augmenting the workforce so staff can spend more time on strategic rather than mundane work.

In addition, it recommends that appropriate funding is made available in the Government’s next Spending Review to support the adoption and scaling of Intelligent Automation.

“Intelligent automation has been instrumental for government departments in their response to the Covid-19 pandemic, and now this technology has the potential to drive recovery and resilience in the coming months and years. As usage continues to scale, it is important that we continue to facilitate even greater collaboration between government and industry in order to drive further adoption. We hope the recommendations in this paper will showcase how to increase collaboration and support for automation.”
Henry Rex, Associate Director of Public Sector, techUK

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