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Telecom Billing and Invoice Reconciliation

by Ant Sh
Telecom Billing and Invoice Reconciliation

The telecom billing and invoicing process is cumbersome and highly manual for many enterprise level organizations. The process typically requires reviewing and manipulating the data from large volumes of invoicing reports that contain thousands of pages along with EDI files with millions of line items, which translates to a significant amount of manual work every month. In this demo, you will see how Roboyo helped a large conglomerate automate the process of telecom billing and invoicing.

Prior to automation at the beginning of every month, the telecom team needed to visit the telecom vendor portal and download the PDF invoices for each of the organization’s accounts, manually copy and paste values from each PDF report into Excel, and extract the key financial data for review. There was also a need to combine the current month’s Excel report with the data captured in the previous months to compare and contrast the charges, taxes and fees assessed to identify any overcharged accounts or track down new taxes or fees associated with a specific subaccount. Due to the high-volume, error-prone and time-consuming nature of this process, it was selected as an ideal candidate for automation.


By automating this crucial invoice reconciliation process, Roboyo helped one of its clients save 40 hours of tedious manual work monthly with an average run time of 18 minutes post automation and is projected to cover any increase in volume based on future growth. That increase would have likely resulted in additional employees involved in manually running this process.