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The 2023 MAD (Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence & Data) Landscape

by Ant Sh
The 2023 MAD (Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence & Data) Landscape

“After 100’s of hours of research and writing,” Matt Turck from FirstMark Capital unveiled the 2023 MAD (ML/AI/Data) Landscape (1416 companies in machine learning, AI, and data). These spheres continue to expand, proven by Matt’s first MAD Landscape to the current one—there were only 139 companies mentioned in the first version in 2012.

The rise of data, ML and AI is one of the most fundamental trends in our generation. Its importance goes well beyond the purely technical, with a deep impact on society, politics, geopolitics, and ethics.

Yet it is a complicated, technical, and rapidly evolving world that is often confusing even for practitioners in the space. There’s a jungle of acronyms, technologies, products, and companies out there that are hard to keep track of, let alone master:

“It’s easy to succeed in data/AI. All you need is to put data into a DWH for OLAP using ETL, or ELT with DBT. Spot any issues on your DAG, run SQL for some BI, reverse ETL into SaaS or use a CDP, then leverage for ML/AI with CNNs, RNNs, RLs, GANs, and maybe LLMs or LDMs for GenAI.”

Matt Turck, Managing Director at FirstMark

The annual MAD (Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Data) landscape is an attempt at making sense of this vibrant space. The image above shows only the “tip of the iceberg”. Click here to see the full interactive version of the 2023 MAD landscape.

Each logo is clickable – when you click, a pop shows up in the bottom right corner. There is a “landscape” and a “card” view (see top right corner)… and also, a night mode.