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The 6 C’s of WorkFusion’s Digital Workers

by Ant Sh
The 6 C’s of WorkFusion's Digital Workers

The concept of “digital workers” has been around for years, promising always-on, 24/7/365, availability at perfect, consistent accuracy without fatigue. Others in the industry define “digital workers” as software robots or “bots” that you build on a platform to perform certain tasks or processes. WorkFusion looks at digital workers a bit differently. Here is how.

WorkFusion’s pre-built, AI-enabled Digital Workers are process automation personified. They are valued digital members of teams who work alongside their real-world colleagues to reduce manual work, enhance quality, increase speed, save money, support compliance, and expand the overall capacity of the staff. They take care of the often mind-numbing and repetitive activities such as data collection, document handling, and false-positive clearing – freeing-up their colleagues to work on more strategic and fulfilling projects. And they expedite previously slow and ineffective work that helps to improve customer service.

In addition, WorkFusion’s Digital Workers are true knowledge workers that embrace the six C’s of digital work:

They are CONSISTENT and have a high level of COMPETENCE, having been trained with data (securely) from multiple organizations and taught by subject-matter experts in the tasks they automate. They’re CURIOUS, able to learn and improve over time, and COLLEGIAL, successfully passing escalations to people on the team. Furthermore, they’re highly CAPABLE, namely they leverage a full set of digital capabilities: machine learning including natural language processing (NLP), pre-built connectors, optical character recognition (OCR), etc. working together to automate end-to-end operational processes. And they are COHESIVE and applicable across the line of business.

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