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The 7 Most Common Challenges in RPA and How to Overcome Them

by sol-admin

Tony Walker is a passionate Lead RPA & IA consultant and thought-leader specializing in optimizing how RPA/IA implementation projects are run (“Lean and Agile”) to make cutting-edge tech affordable for SMBs. He has extensive experience in delivering RPA-driven Change and Transformation programs and projects with a proven ability to provide business-critical analysis and implementation.

This video reveals his top tips for overcoming the seven most common challenges that professionals new to automation will inevitably encounter. These challenges are the following:

  • Staff resistance to change
  • Missing or unavailable data
  • Loss of traction
  • No clear governance
  • No process clarity
  • Reality differs from what’s documented
  • Testing vs. Real life

Tony claims that these things are most likely what’s getting in your way to build momentum, scale, and have an even more significant impact on your business. So if you get these challenges under control, you’ll find yourself and your team delivering automation projects and programs faster.