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The Best Digital Transformation Project At OpEx2020

by sol-admin

The University of Auckland is one of the greatest customers of UiPath, and its Business Transformation Architect, Izak Van Niekerk, was interviewed at OpEx 2020 in Orland Florida. First of all, he said that they were absolutely delighted to take out the award for the best digital transformation project for this year. It has been a lot of hard work and collaboration across multiple teams, a lot of people were involved. And it’s about partnership. In New Zealand, people often say “it’s about people”, “it’s about people”, “it’s about people” and indeed that great work of the University of Auckland on its digital transformation was about people.

Izak considered his university as one of the first universities in the world that brought RPA into their courses and degree programs. For the University of Auckland, it’s not just about itself but also about providing New Zealand organizations to work with them and trying to solve real day-to-day challenges and tolerance that they’re facing in the workplace and it’s been a fantastic partnership with UiPath because together they got able to retrain people for the next future of work to rechange their mindset and the like.

Watch this video to find more about the successful usage of RPA at The University of Auckland.