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The CEO of WorkFusion Has Been Appointed to The Board of Directors at Lucidworks

by sol-admin

Adam Famularo (pictured) joined WorkFusion as its new chief executive officer last September. Before joining WorkFusion, Famularo served as chief executive officer at Erwin Inc., a software company that helps the world’s largest organizations discover, manage, protect and leverage enterprise data to drive successful digital transformations. A few days ago, another company Lucidworks announced that Adam and Diane Honda, the Chief Administrative Officer & General Counsel at Barracuda Networks, were appointed to the company’s board of directors. Here are the details.

Lucidworks is a provider of next-generation AI-powered search applications and pioneer of the Connected Experience Cloud. The world’s largest brands, including Lenovo, Red Hat, Reddit, and Cisco Systems, rely on Lucidworks’ suite of products to power commerce, customer service, and workplace applications that delight customers and empower employees. The two executives are called to bring decades of experience as transformational and visionary leaders and will help shape Lucidworks’ strategy and growth moving forward.

“Lucidworks has all the core ingredients they need to make the transformation to a SaaS leader. My sweet spot is working with companies going through major transitions to become cloud-based SaaS solutions providers. Lucidworks is in the right place at the right time and has already done much of the hard work of building the Springboard platform and launching the first available application, Connected Search. I’m looking forward to working closely with Will and the board to drive adoption, continue to fine-tune our offerings, and take Lucidworks to the next level.”

Adam Famularo, CEO at WorkFusion & Board of Directors Member at Lucidworks

“Diane and Adam bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to our team. We look forward to their support and guidance moving into the new year and beyond.”

Will Hayes, CEO, Lucidworks