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The Combination of AI and RPA: What’s Next?

by sol-admin

A growing number of organizations recognize the potential of RPA to eliminate repetitive administrative tasks for their workforce. But as RPA is growing, it is also evolving into an even more intelligent digital workforce. Here are a few insights of Boris Krumrey, Global VP Automation Innovations at UiPath, and Mathijs Gast, CEO of Dutch AI/RPA provider Ciphix, into the present and the future of RPA in combination with AI.

“RPA will be embedded with AI, with machine learning. It will be a part of the RPA nature and we actually are already doing this. I think we are actually the only vendor that has a particular feature of using computer vision. So a neural network to understand the screen, how a human eye would understand a computer screen by really understanding what’s a button, what’s a table, what’s the frame, and so forth. And we do this for a particular purpose, we do this to make the robots even more resilient to changes in the application.”
Boris Krumrey, Global VP Automation Innovations, UiPath

“AI already enhances RPA implementations basically in two ways:

  • either for processes where there are cognitive decisions to be made;
  • or if there are any unstructured data at the input of an RPA process, that’s where you cannot write all the rules or programs, other rules within your RPA robot but you want to leverage machine learning or AI solutions to deal with this kind of situations.

Two great examples of situations where AI already enhances RPA implementations are in two subfields. One of them is conversational AI and the other one is document AI. So for conversational AI, this means everything around chatbots and voice bots. We actually build solutions where you can call your chat button and it will of course handle a hand over the information to your RPA robot. And the other situations are around document AI processing tons of emails or documents that are unstructured and need to be handled afterward by an RPA solution.

The biggest benefit of combining RPA with AI is that you can now take the robot out of your entire organization because the automation opportunities are endless. Our advice would be to just start experimenting with AI and really make your digital workforce intelligent.”
Mathijs Gast, CEO, Ciphix

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