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The Difference Between Attended / Unattended Robots

by sol-admin

Your workload grows daily, a lot of your tasks are repetitive, time-consuming and boring. So, why not give the dull stuff to a robot? You can choose either attended or unattended robots, but what’s the difference?

The unattended robot loves the tasks you hate. Give it a repetitive rules-based process such as invoice processing. You only get involved, if the robot flags an issue. Of course, most processes need your input. Say you’re approving a customer application, the robot does the initial processing, passes it to you for approval, then completes the processing when you’re happy or you can start things off and let the robot take over. Want to create a report? Start by bringing the relevant information together and let the robot compile, create and distribute it.

If your unattended robot works for you, the attended robot works with you. Say your customer has a change of address, you note the new details and the robot updates your systems in a matter of seconds and it’s 100% accurate. Why not let it share your workload? You do the decision-based work and the robot will simultaneously operate in the background to do the rest. Say your customer calls with a query, the robot can get the information from multiple systems and present it to you. If you need to make changes, the robot can update the systems. It can even give you prompts and recommendations to get more from the call. Now imagine how effective a team would be if all three could work together. Your sales team wants to sell, not to admin work, so give each one an attended robot.

When a salesperson puts information in the sales system, the attended robot can collect and manage that information. Every few minutes all the attended robots pass that information to an unattended robot. For further processing, RPA robots work any way you want, all you need to do is tell them.

Watch this demo here.