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The Digital Future of HR with Druid Enterprise Digital Assistant

by sol-admin

On a competitive global market HR’s role is shifting from performing repetitive administrative tasks towards creating a beneficial employee experience that ultimately brings value to the entire organization. To tackle those challenges organizations must employ modern digital HR tools to simplify processes, increase productivity and, in the end, boost employees.

One of those tools is Druid conversational business applications that can help HR teams to automate up to 80% of repetitive HR tasks, optimize access to information, get 30% of their productive time back instantly, revolutionize employee experience, reduce 100% of the time spent responding to common HR questions, enable instant resolutions and 24/7 availability.

According to Gartner, large enterprises across industries already see AI-driven chatbots as the future of everything that’s happening in HR. Adding conversational AI to your HR processes means you can automate any type of HR tasks like leave management, benefits and compensation, FAQ, training and development, performance, or time management. A virtual assistant has the power to emulate any kind of conversation an employee would have with an actual HR representative.

Moreover, it answers any question in a personalized manner 24/7. This seamless interaction saves time and provides employees with a positive, satisfying experience. AI-powered virtual assistants are also transforming the recruitment and onboarding experiences. Recruiting chatbots successfully help their human partners throughout the entire recruitment process, collecting and processing candidate information, scheduling interviews, and assisting HR reps with actionable insights.

Later, once the employee is hired the AI-driven chatbots help the HR team by automatically filling in all the required documentation and then guiding the new employee through the initial orientation. They provide training on policies roles and responsibilities while handling on-the-spot any onboarding questions.

Hundreds of organizations across the world are already using Druid’s HR conversational applications to automate repetitive tasks and create meaningful experiences for their employees. Druid enterprise digital assistant – the digital future of HR delivered today.