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The Future of Work is Now: Is APAC Ready?

by sol-admin

Digital change and automation are driving enormous productivity gains in the world of work – gains that are helping to improve standards of living across the globe. This represents a significant opportunity for the Asia Pacific (APAC) region, home to 60% of the global workforce. But there can also be substantial adjustment costs associated with automation, and often those costs are felt by workers who are least able to transition to new roles successfully.

The Autodesk Foundation commissioned Deloitte to help identify the labor markets most vulnerable to technological disruption in APAC. This report constructs a new measure beyond the likelihood of automation to provide a quantitative estimate of which industries will be affected most.

Table of Contents

  1. Accelerating automation in the Asia Pacific 5
  2. Who needs the most assistance? 9
  3. Ready for impact 19
  4. Filling the gap 25
    Appendix A: Impact Index 37
    Appendix B: Measuring preparedness 41
    Appendix C: Current programs 47

According to the report:

  • Japan, Singapore, and Australia are the most prepared for the coming wave of automation, but country scores vary across several indicators of preparedness.
  • India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan are most at risk and least prepared for automation.

To learn other findings of the report, you can download it here.