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The Importance of Reviews for RPA Vendors’ Marketing

by sol-admin

Although the RPA market is skyrocketing, it doesn’t mean that there is no tough competition between RPA vendors. Here are some insights from Ritu Kapoor, Director of Product Marketing at Automation Anywhere, into why reviews are so highly valued for vendors:

Firstly, she said that the content placed on the websites of vendors’ customers might be more efficient for the vendors because it encourages other users to try RPA and to buy vendors’ solutions.

Such a kind of content helps, for instance, Automation Anywhere in a variety of ways. In particular, it helps with:

  • lead generation
  • sales enablement
  • influencer marketing
  • presence in the certain industry verticals

Ritu Kapoor also emphasized that it is crucial for RPA vendors’ marketing to have not only written but also reviews in video and audio formats.