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The In-transit Update Process Automation with UiPath

by sol-admin
The In-transit Update Process Automation with UiPath

Supply chain management is often challenged by bottlenecks and a high volume of manual work, which makes it a great target area for automation. In this demo provided by Roboyo, you’ll see how a global leader of sports apparel automated the process of in-transit updates in their ERP system, Jesta. This process was a tedious and heavily repetitive task that required the attention of two full-time employees spending 20 hours a week each to manually update the in-transit status of supply chain orders for each business unit within the organization.

Prior to automation, the employees had to manually:

  • login to each business unit’s instance within the Jesta ERP application;
  • copy the in-transit numbers from the Excel file;
  • paste it into the in-transit code field;
  • collect the ETA data from the Excel file;
  • update the values in the in-transit header;
  • confirm the update submission;
  • restart the same process all over again until all business units’ in-transit dates had been updated, which represents about 2,000 transactions that required manual updates weekly.

Now let’s see how the process runs using a UiPath robot.