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The Key Findings from Blue Prism’s “RPA in the APAC Financial Services Sector” Report

by sol-admin

Today, the leading British RPA vendor Blue Prism released findings from its survey report titled “RPA In The APAC Financial Services Sector.” Let’s take a look at the key findings from it:

  • The report reveals a significant disparity of RPA adoption within Asia Pacific’s financial services industry. While Australia leads the way with 78 percent of organizations currently using RPA solutions and technologies, India is second with 49 percent, followed by Hong Kong (47 percent), Malaysia (44 percent), and Singapore (28 percent).
  • With only 34 percent in Singapore and 50 percent in Malaysia of respondents indicating familiarity with RPA, there is potential for better comprehension and perception around this technology. This is compared to 85 percent in Australia, 82 percent in Hong Kong, and 75 percent in India.
  • The report also revealed that across Australia, India, Singapore, and Malaysia, the top two areas that companies leverage RPA are the finance and IT departments.


“While RPA adoption across global industries grew at tremendous speed, this report revealed the disparity of RPA adoption within the APAC financial services industry, indicating a long roadmap before the region reaches RPA and Intelligent Automation maturity. Presently, the use of RPA adoption remains largely a tool to improve efficiency and cut costs rather than a catalyst to accelerate digital transformation. As markets look to scale enterprise RPA and Intelligent Automation deployments, our aim is to empower companies to fulfill their vision for strategic business automation and achieve faster better organizational outcomes.”

Robert Dewar, Vice President, Financial Services, APAC, Blue Prism

To see the key findings presented separately for each country, visit this page. To access the full APAC report, proceed here.