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The Latest Forbes Article by the CEO of Automation Anywhere

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We bet not everybody knows that the CEO and Co-Founder of Automation Anywhere, Mihir Shukla, is also a Forbes Councils Member, which brings him an exclusive opportunity to publish their expert insights on Forbes.com. Working with skilled editors, he can participate in expert panels and write bylined articles to enhance his reputation as a thought leader. This Monday, Mihir published another article, “How Intelligent Automation Can Represent A New Era For Business Transformation”, where he shared the top 3 ways intelligent automation is making business better. Let’s look at those three ways.

Enhancing the Customer Experience

Business leaders whose companies can quickly adapt their experiences so that they engage their customers in a more personalized way can have a distinct competitive advantage. Yet, most companies struggle with it.

One reason is that many client-facing employees find it difficult to answer customers’ most basic questions quickly and accurately because the answers to these questions are located in a variety of applications. Another reason is that these client-facing employees are busy trying to find the answers to these basic questions, so they have little time to fully engage with customers or add value beyond these customers’ expectations.

With intelligent automation, companies can create software bots that quickly gather customer data from a vast number of sources. The bots can use this data to either directly answer customers’ basic questions or collate the data to provide client-facing employees with a richer picture of their customers, making it easier for customers to get answers to complex questions via their preferred channel, as well as provide customers with valuable information they might not even have thought to ask about.

Improving Employee Engagement

Employees, if not energized and empowered, are less likely to help drive business growth. And, now, they’re facing pandemic burnout. Tedious tasks are engagement killers that can lower employee morale and lead them to look for greener professional pastures.

RPA with AI can automate many manual, repetitive tasks, liberating employees from being human robots while providing them more time to spend on high-value work. In doing so, their jobs can become more fulfilling, so they’re usually less likely to leave the organization, and they can focus more on strategic projects that help the companies adapt to meet new challenges.

Increasing Productivity

Intelligent automation can also enable business leaders to increase productivity. By automating low-value manual tasks, leaders may be able to free up time and resources that can then be used by the company to adapt to changing business conditions.

For example, in a survey conducted by Deloitte, 95% of organizations that had implemented RPA said the technology had improved their productivity. And Gartner predicts that AI-augmented automation’s ability to increase IT productivity will lead to 40% of large enterprises’ Infrastructure and Operations (I&O) teams adopting the technology by 2023.


Automation represents the next era of digital transformation in which organizations don’t just digitize business processes but also automate them. This is the automation revolution — and the companies that embrace this revolution can get to the future faster.

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