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The Latest Interview with AI & Intelligent Automation Expert, Pascal Bornet

by Ant Sh
Pascal Bornet

Pascal Bornet recently gave an interview to SHIFT Mobility, providing insights into his views on the topic of mobility and its sustainable transformation.

Recognized as a global expert in AI and Automation, Pascal Bornet is the author of the bestseller book “Intelligent Automation” as well as of the multiple articles in Forbes, Bloomberg, McKinsey Quarterly, The Times, and many other renown publications. He is a keynote speaker, a lecturer, and a tech influencer with more than 850,000 followers. Pascal is a member of the Forbes Technology Council, and a Board Member or a Senior Advisor for several organizations, startups, and charities. He is also a senior executive with 20+ years of experience leading digital transformations.

The interview includes the answers of Pascal Bornet to the following questions:

  • What will happen if we don’t shift our mobility behavior?
  • What do we have to radically invent, improve or change to realize the turnaround in transport policy?
  • What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word “mobility”?
  • Let’s have a look into the future. What will be the most important thing in 10 years associated with “mobility” that comes to your mind?
  • If you were able to use only ONE mobility solution for the rest of your life – what vehicle/ mobility solution would you choose?
  • Why is your topic fundamentally essential to shape the future of mobility?
  • What is the greatest mobility challenge for your sector field these days?
  • Which mobility best cases particularly impress you, and why?

Find out all the answers of Pascal on the source page.