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The Latest Interview with Daniel Dines

by sol-admin

SiliconANGLE Media’s theCUBE covers enterprise tech thought leadership worldwide. Present at over 100 industry events and venues every year, theCUBE’s professionally produced and expertly hosted interviews offers live and on-demand insights into virtually every facet of a rapidly evolving landscape.

Last week, Daniel Dines, CEO of UiPath has been the fifth time on theCUBE and the first time since the IPO. Dines spoke with Dave Vellante and Lisa Martin, co-hosts of theCUBE during UiPath’s Forward IV conference. They discussed what UiPath believes to be its competitive advantages, how the company maintains its culture of innovation while growing exponentially, and the trends for the automation market. Here is the time code of their conversation.

0:45 Lisa Martin enumerates the UiPath achievements for the period of time since the IPO.

1:20 Daniel talks about the culture of UiPath, how it is going and how it is being maintained, especially since the big splashy IPO just about six months ago.

4:39 Uipath’s CEO explains the decision to do Forward IV a physical event.

7:00 Daniel Dines reveals the biggest competitive advantage of the company he leads.

8:26 Dave Vellante asked whether Dines and his small team had a vision from the very beginning that they would become the next great software company.

11:49 Daniel and Dave discuss what it is like to become a public company.

15:08 The Explanation of why automation must be applied to solve big problems such as climate change, diversity, income inequality, and so on.

17:27 Daniel Dines talks about why he’s not a fan of crypto.

19:39 Uipath’s CEO shares his experience of being on stage during the Forward IV conference.