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The Latest Interview with Eric Tyree, SVP AI and Innovation at SS&C Blue Prism

by Ant Sh
The Latest Interview with Eric Tyree, SVP AI and Innovation at SS&C Blue Prism

SS&C Blue Prism is a global leader in intelligent automation with over 2,000 users in over 170 countries and 70 industry verticals, 30% of which include companies in the Forbes Global 2,000. Recently, its SVP AI and Innovation, Eric Tyree, spoke to AI Magazine to share more about a hybrid approach to automation and the metaverse and what the different industries will benefit greatly from automation capabilities. As a key player in the automation space, SS&C Blue Prism have important insight into the future and state of play of AI. During the interview, Eric answered the following questions:

  • When do you think companies will rely totally on unattended bots instead of a hybrid approach of attended and unattended?
  • How do you see the “democratization” of automation; Will digital workers in the (near) future be a product for large enterprises only, or for the average SMB business owner?
  • How can automatization help performance in other areas of a business, aside from HR, client services, accounting etc.?
  • Does SS&C Blue Prism have any plans to address the metaverse?
  • Is there any vertical where you see that there is a growing demand for automation?
  • What is keeping organizations away from automation?
  • What will the future of automatization be in five years’ time?

As for the answer to the last question, Eric said that automation is currently largely tactical and process-based, but it is moving to be more strategic. People are looking at how to enhance entire business functions with automation. Additionally, there are always going to be technological changes as your processes evolve. Automation will become increasingly woven into organizations as it is seen as an alternative source of labor to integrate into human labor. Businesses are always looking at automating parts of their businesses that allow them to compete with competitors, to grow their business, and to improve their customer service. It’s the realization that automation has a part to play in core corporate initiatives that is driving more strategic adoption.

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