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The Latest Interview with Uniphore CEO

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Conversational AI provider Uniphore had a fruitful 2021. It acquired Jacada, a contact center automation provider, updated its product portfolio to address customer and agent experience with U-Assist Assurance, and joined Cisco’s partner program. Let us introduce the interview with Uniphore CEO Umesh Sachdev to gauge which steps the company is taking to fully integrate Jacada’s technologies and products into its customer-facing offerings. Here are a few of his answers to the most interesting questions.

Can you walk us through how Uniphore’s conversational AI—which does sentiment, intent, and emotion analysis—will be incorporated into the workflow automation Jacada had for customer service?

Sachdev: The conversational automation platform now includes a comprehensive set of AI capabilities on a single platform that Uniphore spent years developing. It also incorporates a leading automation platform layered with powerful low-code/no-code technology from Jacada. Offering low-code/no-code (the ability for faster deployment due to minimal code requirements for implementation) is a true differentiator within our conversational AI platform.

By leveraging conversational AI, chatbots and voice assistants increasingly support human agents during moments of high volume calls. Automation categorizes calls and interprets emotion, sentiment, and intent to help guide the agent towards the most appropriate course of action to meet the customer’s needs.

What was the reason for this particular solution? I.e., what makes it different or best for addressing a specific pain point?

Sachdev: The global pandemic changed the way the world communicates, providing Uniphore a unique opportunity to help businesses serve their customers through innovative technologies during this difficult time. The rapid digital transformation across enterprises highlighted the need for automated and intelligent solutions to drive new business models significantly rising during the pandemic. Our product teams rolled out a comprehensive solution that addressed these enterprise challenges and new business model demands.

Uniphore has spent over 13 years building and refining its AI models, which allows faster deployment and a deep understanding of the complexities within each industry we serve. Our vision has expanded from voice AI automation technology to include real-time conversations across voice and video engagements. Uniphore’s acquisitions over the last 15 months have poised the company to help enterprises capitalize on the value of conversations.

What is one of the challenges you’re most excited to keep addressing at Uniphore? Why put your time and energy here?

Sachdev: We are working on game-changing technology to get AI as close to humans as possible—to resemble and truly understand humans. I am incredibly excited about the near-term ability for machines to understand the authentic human tone in addition to intent and consequently boost their human counterparts by helping them truly understand core needs and act accordingly on fulfillment.

What’s the one thing we don’t have in our current workspaces now that you wish everyone did have, and why?

Sachdev: I’d say a personalized, intelligent, and emotionally savvy digital assistant that will be by our side 24×7 to help us manage our personal and professional lives and add value to every one of our conversations.

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