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The Latest Release of Indico, an IPA Platform for Unstructured Content

by sol-admin

Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) is a technology that enables organizations to automate processes that involve structured, semi-structured, and unstructured document formats including forms, documents, text, images, video, and more. The case in point is Indico, IPA platform for document intake and understanding.

Yesterday, Indico announced significant enhancements to its award-winning IPA software platform. The updates, which include expanded RPA integrations, new industry-specific ACORD form support, increased scalability, and expert implementation support services, reflect the expanded deployment of the platform for enterprise use cases.

Key enhancements to the Indico IPA Platform include:

Out of the Box Integrations – With this version of Indico IPA, customers can now access “out of the box” integrations with leading RPA solutions including UiPath, BluePrism, and Automation Anywhere. An upcoming release will also add Microsoft Power Automate and Salesforce Lightning Flow.

Industry Applications – Indico has added the first of many planned industry-specific applications with the deployment of “out of the box” support for ACORD forms.

Platform PerformanceThe IPA platform has expanded its document processing throughput to support enterprise-scale customers.

Platform Administration – Significant enhancements have been delivered in security and user management, making the platform easier for large organizations to manage.

Workflow Analytics – The key functionality of this latest platform release is a comprehensive set of workflow analytics.

Expert Support Services – Indico has created a new service discipline to aid customers on an ongoing basis.

Watch this video to learn more about the platform.