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The Partnership Between Blue Prism And Coursera Became an Example to Follow for UiPath

by sol-admin

Roughly one year has passed since we reported about the partnership between Blue Prism and Coursera to help narrow the digital skills gap and train future leaders capable of steering digital workforces. British RPA vendor started with the Blue Prism Foundation Course and was going to launch more courses, but a year later, we didn’t see anything new on its Coursera page. Overall, Blue Prism managed to attract 917 learners worldwide for this period. Is it a lot or a little? Yesterday, we got the opportunity to compare that result – the RPA market flagship, UiPath, announced it follows Blue Prism’s endeavor starting with the RPA Specialization Learning Project, which consists of 6 courses:

  • UI Automation and Selectors
  • RPA Basics and Introduction to UiPath
  • UiPath Orchestrator and Capstone Projects
  • Data Manipulation in RPA
  • Control Flow in RPA
  • Automation Techniques in RPA

UiPath claims that on successful completion of the specialization, you will:

  • Be prepared to become Junior RPA Developers.
  • Know the basic concepts of Robotic Process Automation.
  • Have familiarity and deep understanding of UiPath tools.
  • Develop the ability to design and create robots for business processes independently.
  • Develop skills required to pass UiPath RPA Associate v1.0 Exam.


We are excited to partner with Coursera to foster high-quality, hands-on learning that can quickly build knowledge of the UiPath end-to-end automation platform. Democratizing access to technical skills around automation is a core value proposition at UiPath, and anyone can prepare to enter the automation field or advance their careers through this specialization. Our automation courses and professional certificate on Coursera will help narrow the skills gap in an automation-first world.”

Tom Clancy, Senior Vice President of Learning, UiPath

To view the RPA Specialization from UiPath on Coursera, visit here, and learn about enrollment options here.