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The Partnership of Element5 & LBMC

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Element5 provides intelligent automation solutions for post-acute care. Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Element5 simplifies the execution of complex processes that incur high costs and are often labor-intensive. LBMC Information Security provides IT assurance, technical security, and security consulting services to fortify your infrastructure – so you can worry less and focus more on the daily needs of running your business. Here is why they start partnering and what they are going to do together.

The main reason to establish the mentioned strategic partnership between two companies is to leverage the expertise of LBMC to better manage data, information security, and patient privacy in Element5’s end-to-end workflow automation solutions. The partnership aims to bring greater enterprise-grade security and healthcare compliance to Element5’s existing suite of AI and RPA.

Element5 provides pre-built intelligent automation solutions that allow post-acute care teams to eliminate the need for manual intervention across repetitive workflows. With an added layer of intelligent reporting, teams are able to spend less time on administrative functions and more time delivering better patient outcomes.

“Protecting sensitive data is of utmost importance for healthcare organizations, especially when advanced technologies such as AI and RPA are utilized. Element5’s partnership with LBMC Information Security is evidence that the company takes its responsibility seriously and intends to lead the post-acute care industry toward secure automated solutions. We are pleased to be partnered with Element5 in securing healthcare data and processes.”

Mark Burnette, Shareholder-in-Charge, LBMC Information Security

“AI and RPA are relatively nascent to the post-acute care industry, but their impact is tremendous. As customers are adopting these new technologies, we are committed to the privacy, safety, and security of their data, allowing them to focus better on patient care. We’re thrilled to partner with LBMC, who are helping us deliver this vision.”

Joe Randesi, co-founder and CEO, Element5

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