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The Post-Acquisition News from Blue Prism

by Ant Sh
Blue Prism

Yesterday, Blue Prism held an analyst roundtable focused on their post-acquisition integration into SS&C. The RPA vendor was asked a set of questions connected to areas of RPA, process management, and IDP. Let’s learn the company’s answers to a few of them (with slight edits for clarity).

The RPA market is maturing, and some competitors (such as Microsoft) are currently – or soon plan to be – bundling RPA functionality “for free” with their other products. What steps will Blue Prism take to compete with this trend?

“The competitors seem to offer only limited freemiums or simple bot automation. And Microsoft RPA is not exactly “free”. We’re going to continue offering competitive free trials. And we are differentiating our offering by focusing on enterprise scalability and our end-to-end RPA-BPM platform, which we feel they can’t match.”

Blue Prism

Will Blue Prism go deeper and further into IDP (Intelligent Document Processing) – for example, enhancing the Decipher IDP product set?

“Paper isn’t going away. IDP is still mission-critical. For example, we recently spoke to a customer dealing with millions of faxes. We plan to merge our Decipher IDP with SS&C’s Chorus Document Automation by the end of 2022. Chorus DA (from the Captricity acquisition) is very strong on handwriting recognition and great at processing faxes or other low quality images. Combining that with Decipher’s strengths in semi-structured document processing and multilingual support, we can offer world-class accuracy and flexibility across the key document types.”

Blue Prism

Blue Prism currently offers process intelligence and mining through its partnership with ABBYY. Do you see yourselves providing your own process mining functionality in the future – and at a lower cost?

“We’re happy with the OEM relationship with ABBYY. We are also planning to develop and release our own additional process intelligence and mining capabilities. SS&C also looks for strategic acquisition opportunities.”

Blue Prism

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