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“The Promise of RPA for the Public Sector” Research

by sol-admin

Recently, the RPA Initiative at The Center for Business Civic Engagement at George Mason University released its first research paper entitled “The Promise of RPA for the Public Sector” outlining RPA technology for non-IT experts and illustrating its history and how it is being utilized.

“This is the first comprehensive explanation for RPA technology and how it can be used to make the public sector more effective, efficient, and better serve stakeholders. We want to give people a better understanding of the everyday opportunities and practicalities of using RPA at all levels of government. We have shared findings from the research with public sector leaders and have urged them to share with appropriate staff to generate more ideas and practices to maximize use for good of this tremendous technology. Acceleration of use will make our government work even better, use resources efficiently and improve the constituent trust of public sector institutions.”

Dr. David Rehr, Co-author and Center Director

Let’s take a look at the table of contents of the research:

  • Introduction
  • The Promise of RPA
  • The Rise of RPA
  • Growing Use in the Public Sector
  • Implications for the Future of Work
  • Global RPA Expansion
  • Recommendations
  • Works Cited

If necessary, you can download the research here.