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The Q&A Section about The Pros and Cons of RPA

by sol-admin

Welcome to the Netcall 4.0 questions to ask and best practices to adopt when looking at acquiring and implementing robotic process automation. In this section broadcast by Nick Hill, you’ll see Richard Billington, Chief Technology Officer, and Simon Pike, Market Solution Specialist, both at Netcall considering the pros and cons of RPA as a means of promoting rapid process improvement. They’ll also suggest the questions you might wish to ask as you consider your project.

Here is the structure of their discussion:

0:51 What is RPA and how does it help councils?

11:53 Where do you see RPA having the biggest impact within Councils?

15:07 The pros and cons of RPA

34:33 What questions should a Council ask any RPA supplier?

43:41 What advice to customers embarking on RPA projects?