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The Quarterly Update of the Trends in RPA by SiliconANGLE

by sol-admin

SiliconANGLE is a modern data-driven digital media platform that creates authoritative & engaging social experiences for audiences. Last Saturday, the company published its Breaking Analysis presenting their quarterly update of the trends in RPA and shared the latest survey data from Enterprise Technology Research. Here is a digest of that.

According to the analysis, RPA has grown quite rapidly and the acronym is becoming a convenient misnomer in a way. The new momentum in RPA is around enterprise wide automation initiatives. Once exclusively focused on back-office automation in areas such as finance, RPA has now become an enterprise transformation catalyst for many larger organizations. Initially focused on cost savings in the finance department and other back-office functions, RPA has moved beyond the purview of the chief financial officer. Other insights from the report include:

  • RPA is attacking new problems.
  • Cloud migration is an accelerant to digital business.
  • Low-code expands the total addressable market.
  • RPA is disrupting adjacent markets.
  • RPA or intelligent automation has become a strategic priority with more CIO involvement.
  • 2021 was a tough year for automation stocks.
  • UiPath and Automation Anywhere remain at the top.
  • Expanded use cases. A new transformation agenda is emerging.
  • There is a rise in semantic workflows to address more challenging issues.

To see the full analysis, please visit here or watch this video.