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The Registration for Blue Prism World 2022 Has Been Opened

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Blue Prism World 2022 is an opportunity for customers and would-be customers to get all of the latest news updates, insights, and information from one of the top RPA vendors. The event will take place on May 10, 2022. The exact event schedule is still to be confirmed, but two live sessions will support both the EMEA and Americas regions. Although Blue Prism World 2022 is a virtual event, it will be supported by regional, in-person events. Locations, dates, and times to be confirmed.

The Agenda of Blue Prism World Virtual 2022 is held by three pillars:

Imagine being able to harness the collective power of human and digital workers to impact productivity in all areas of an organization. An outcome like this comes not only from the technology itself but also from how you implement it. At the event, you’ll look at all the creative ways you can implement intelligent automation to achieve incredible results.

Intelligent automation enables AI-fueled digital workers, people, and systems to work together seamlessly as a unified workforce. Learn how this unification can allow your people to focus on the things they do best – being creative, innovative, and productive – all the while enabling you to serve your customers better and meet critical business goals.

The cloud is a great enabler for innovation, and its flexibility and resilience have been demonstrated clearly over the last couple of years of uncertainty. Discover how the cloud enables organizations to innovate like never before, with solutions primed to serve ever-growing automation needs. Learn how to make the cloud work for you at every stage of your automation journey.

To virtually attend BPW 2022, click here to register. And you can also watch this video to see a short compilation of the highlights from Blue Prism World 2021.

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