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The Role of RPA in the Hospitality Industry

by Ant Sh
The Role of RPA in the Hospitality Industry

Automation in the hospitality industry is inevitable. The aging population in developed economies creates disbalances in the labor market. As a result, the hospitality industry cannot remain competitive in terms of salaries and working conditions compared to other sectors. Thus, the labor supply in the hospitality labor market is decreasing. And automation comes to the rescue to reduce the hospitality labor demand. Let’s learn how RPA is applicable to the industry. Here are some relevant use cases:

  • According to calculation, pre-qualifying group sales RFPs (Requests for Proposal) requires around 60 person-hours per month. By automating the task, an average hotel can generate up to €100,000/year in additional revenue due to faster response time, while drastically reducing labor costs;
  • Managing rate codes in PMSs (Property Management Systems) and GDSs (Global Distribution Systems) requires around 100 person-hours per year. The application of RPA can increase accuracy, reduce errors down to zero, and generate up to €50,000/year in recovered revenue;
  • Daily revenue reporting can take up to 1,000 person-hours per year. Therefore, on top of producing more precise reporting, the use of RPA can save the hotel up to €42,000/year in labor savings.

“The amount of manual, repetitive tasks in hotels today is crazy. So many operationally critical yet repetitive tasks exist. And those tasks require training staff when there is turnover. If all the virtual credit cards from OTA reservations are charged by hand, for example, and the person who knows how to do it is suddenly unavailable, then either the managers need to step in, or the hotel could end up in a cash flow crisis pretty quickly. Virtual RPA robots don’t take time off, and they don’t need retraining. The more of these types of processes hotels automate, the more human staff can focus on the guest experience and guest retention, while simultaneously helping with pressure on staffing costs and ensuring consistency across operational processes.”

Stephen Burke, Founder, Robosize ME

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