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The Synergy between Kodak Alaris’ and UiPath’s Technologies

by sol-admin

Kodak Alaris is a British manufacturer and marketer of traditional photographic supplies (including film, paper, and processing chemicals), hardware and software for digital imaging and information management, and retail printing kiosks.

If you want to integrate RPA into your business and you want one of the best, you might choose the industry leader’s solution from UiPath. But even the best RPA solution is only as good as its worst data. That’s where document scanners from Alaris come in. Automation starts with Alaris’ perfect page technology which ensures your data on paper is scanned accurately every time. In the most basic setup, Kodak Alaris Smart Touch technology allows one-button scanning to hot folders monitored by unattended bots.

UiPath marketplace connectors for Kodak Alaris software solutions, Capture Pro and Info Input Solution enable easy direct integration with job queues or script. And to extend your robots’ usage all the way to the point of data capture, the INfuse Smart Connected Scanning Solution offers a secure two-way API to make your document scanner a direct part of your robot processes transforming your scanner into a part of the UiPath robots. For 30 years, Kodak Alaris remained an industry leader in OCR rebates besting the competition in BLI benchmark testing and earning its 2020 LINE of the YEAR designation. For robots, this means an improved “diet” of accurate readable information and less manual intervention by users later. For customers, this means maximizing the possible ROI from an RPA investment by feeding your bots better data. It’s what Kodak Alaris perfect page technology has made its name on. The best RPA solutions demand the best capture solutions. Kodak Alaris and UiPath – partnering for a digitized automated future.