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The Synergy of RPA & AI

by sol-admin

Here is the main reason why RPA and AI are better together. When paired, they can read, write, listen, and make decisions, to work effectively – but apart, robots can only automate so much, and AI becomes hard to apply. AI needs RPA as the delivery mechanism, to solve real-world problems, and RPA needs intelligence, for its robots to learn new skills, like visual understanding, or process discovery, or understanding natural language. UiPath developed a solution to pair RPA with AI, which is the connective tissue between these two worlds, delivering end-to-end AI skill creation and deployment, within the UiPath Enterprise RPA platform.

That solution gives you the option to either build your own AI skills, or select pre-trained skills from UiPath,
or over 60+ AI technology partners. It will allow you to deploy and manage your AI skills, then drag and drop them right into your RPA workflow via UiPath Studio and, finally, close the data feedback loop and give you information back to your AI skills to continuously improve the model.

You can also watch the video about the synergy between RPA and AI: