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The Top News Announced at UiPath’s FORWARD 5

by Ant Sh
The Top News Announced at UiPath's FORWARD 5

As UiPath’s FORWARD 5 came to a close, let’s list the top news announced at this global user conference:

#1 Microsoft and UiPath Extend Their Strategic Partnership

UiPath and Microsoft will collaborate and innovate together to bring automation solutions powered by Microsoft Azure to market, creating a powerful value proposition for customers seeking to enhance productivity by using UiPath automation capabilities within Microsoft Office. Today, UiPath is available to purchase directly in the Azure Marketplace and via private offers and will integrate with Microsoft Power Platform by early 2023. To recap, Microsoft Azure is a preferred cloud platform for UiPath, including the UiPath Automation Cloud™, while UiPath is a preferred enterprise automation partner at Microsoft.

#2 ManpowerGroup and UiPath will Accelerate Go-to-market Automation Solutions for Finance, Human resources, and IT

According to the most recent ManpowerGroup Employment Outlook Survey of 40,700 employers, 45% are planning to hire more workers, with digital roles driving the most demand globally. The deepened strategic partnership between the two organizations is designed to help companies implement and expand automation initiatives that enable people to do even more rewarding, high value work.

#3 New UiPath Platform Features

UiPath unveiled its latest platform updates that bring developer-friendly automation innovations and put the power of automation behind more business processes. New features that will be generally available to customers beginning Oct. 31, 2022 include:

  • New capabilities to simplify the creation of public-facing processes and apps for customer service and value chain scenarios to streamline customer experiences;
  • A connection builder to simplify API connection to both in-house applications and specialized industry solutions, and greatly expand the automations and apps developers can build;
  • Automation Hub with ROI comparisons between estimated benefits and actual outcomes, enabling users to learn from successes and replicate them;
  • Process Mining with high scalability, improved performance, and new analytics for better process insights;
  • Task Mining with a new assisted mode that delivers a more complete view by allowing process experts to supplement their own knowledge with AI discovery;
  • Communications Mining to unlock the value of the massive amounts of communications data generated by a business each day;
  • New native support in Document Understanding for bank and financial statements;
  • AI Computer Vision upgraded to easily read new types of dynamic screen content such as scrolling tables on the web and in apps;
  • And others.