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The Top Three Announcements at Imagine Austin 2024

by Ant Sh
The Top Three Announcements at Imagine Austin 2024

As Imagine Austin 2024, the flagship conference of Automation Anywhere, is just over, let’s learn the highlights from its announcements:

  1. Automation Anywhere unveiled new AI + Automation Enterprise System empowering companies to achieve 10x business impact with AI Agents and transforming mission-critical Workflows.

Announced during Imagine 2024, the company’s new offering is infused with its second-generation GenAI Process Models to speed up discovery, development and deployment of AI process automations. The company also launched new AI Agents to manage complex cognitive tasks and automate more than ever before possible across every system in an enterprise.

  1. Automation Anywhere announced Generative AI-powered conversational automation powered by Amazon Q to streamline complex enterprise workflows.

The automation vendor will empower customers to create enterprise-wide process automations within minutes with conversational automation, quickly turning natural language requests into powerful automated actions, by leveraging Amazon Q, a fully managed, generative AI-powered assistant that can be configured to answer questions, provide summaries, generate content and complete tasks based on enterprise data.

  1. Automation Anywhere collaborates with Microsoft to automate the impossible by integrating Enterprise Automation and Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service.

The leader in AI-powered automation expanded its collaboration with Microsoft through the integration of Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service within Automation Anywhere’s new AI + Automation Enterprise System, to help enterprises automate complex end-to-end processes across enterprise applications using AI Agents. These new integrations are expected to be available in the second quarter, with expanded model selection from Azure OpenAI Service available in the third quarter.