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The Way Bizagi and UiPath Working Together

by sol-admin

Bizagi is a leading process modeling and intelligent automation software company with a mission to help organizations achieve digital transformation. Bizagi is not only the name of the company but also the name of its platform that can truly be used for both deep and complex process automation as well as for simpler processes enterprise-wide.

Bizagi and UiPath have both been successfully implemented for multiple sectors and use cases around the world. Together Bizagi and UiPath create a powerful solution for process innovation. Bizagi allows you to map and orchestrate the whole process which includes triggering UiPath bots which are perfect for automating repetitive tasks like data entry. That’s why Bizagi and UiPath working together can truly deliver digital process automation. In the lower video, you’ll see the relevant case.

It’s a traditional customer service scenario where a customer sends an email related to many possible request types. Then a human needs to retype, forward, or discard each one. When there’s no automation, errors and unnecessary cycles happen all the time. But with the new automated approach, UiPath will be in charge of receiving and understanding every email also using OCR to read the information from PDF files, and to create cases in Bizagi. Then Bizagi will orchestrate the process from end to end. This includes calling a legacy system to bring the customer information to call a third party AI service to analyze the email content automatically routing the request thanks to its business rules engine. And finally, calling UIpath back to send the PIO information to an old legacy system with no available API.

Watch this video to learn all the details of the case.