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The World’s First AI Software Engineer Has Been Launched

by Ant Sh
The World's First AI Software Engineer Has Been Launched

A new genAI startup Cognition has recently introduced Devin, the world’s first AI software engineer. Devin is an innovative AI assistant capable of transforming simple commands into fully functioning websites or software programs. The company highlights that Devin has successfully passed practical engineering interviews conducted by leading AI companies and it’s not intended to replace human engineers but rather to collaborate with them.

In the video below the startup’s CEO, Scott Wu, demonstrates how users can view the model in action. They can see its command line, code editor and workflow as it goes step-by-step, completing comprehensive coding projects and data research tasks assigned to it.

As soon as Devin receives a request, it will set about searching the internet for educational content that can teach it how to complete the assigned task. It can even debug any problems it encounters during the process, though users – who are basically just overseers and editors – can intervene if there’s any need to do so.

According to Wu, Devin can access standard developer tools including a code editor, browser and shell. It can run these within a sandboxed environment to plan and then carry out extremely complex engineering tasks that require thousands of decisions to be made.