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Three Questions About RPA Market

by sol-admin


Dave Vellante from the CUBE Studio in Boston, MA analyzed the RPA market and tried to answer three main questions:

  • Is the RPA market overvalued?
  • How large is the total available market (TAM) for RPA?
  • Who will the winners and losers in this space?

This is the summary:

RPA Market is hyped but seems justified based on spending data.
– Fairly valued if growth continues & profits eventually arrive

The real TAM will be a function of:
– Ability to break out of the back office and expand into more areas
– Put automation in the hands of customer-facing SMEs
– Leverage process mining, ML/AI & bring analytics to process improvement
– Delivering outcomes based on business KPIs (not # of scripts and bots)
– Realize the vision of hyper-automation & deeper digital business integration

Who wins?
– UiPath appears to be breaking out
– Automation Anywhere is well-financed and urgently driving its rocketship
– Big software players

Watch the full analytics in this video