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Ticket classification by RPA

by sol-admin

The first step of the ticket classification process is to fetch all the emails in the inbox that are tickets. The automation will create a predict file to submit to the data robot based on the email data. The data robot will then give back CSV file with the scored results for all categories, urgency and confidence scores for each of the predictions.

For the server access categorization, you need to add all the emails to the ticketing system (in this case JIRA) and add an assignee and priority based on the results from the machine learning model.

After that, the automation will route all 40 emails in the inbox to the correct team’s mailbox. We can now look within a data robot and see that both machine learning models built for this automation were called via API from RPA.

14 server access request tickets have been added into JIRA. The remaining tickets are now forwarded to each mailbox for the assigned team to take action on. The automation sends a summary email to the appropriate parties to view all the predictions made during the automation.

You’ll be able to see all the categories, category confidence score, urgency and urgency confidence score. The final component of this automation is to connect to the tableau dashboard, so the team at large can visually see the breakdown of ticket categories and urgency resulting from the automation.

You can also watch the full demo here.