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Time savings in Vale due to Automation Anywhere

by sol-admin

Vale is one of the largest iron manufacturers of mining companies in the world. It has about 100,000 employees in over six countries. The company started with Automation Anywhere approximately one year ago and has set up a Robotic Process Automation Center.

There are two centers: one based in Rio and one based in Toronto. The RPA team saw that there was an opportunity to really continue to put people in the center and bring more technologies around that. It’s not just about trying to save a few hours of time, there was a much greater opportunity in terms of looking at an end-to-end process, how can they make that process high-speed huge accuracy, how can they shrink the times of that process. Because that’s where the team saw that it’s gonna drive the tremendous value.

The RPA implementation team reduced the timing of sales by streamlining Vale’s commercial invoicing processing in Asia and they went from five days down to one day and they accelerated the billing process, accelerated the cash realization process and so that’s a tremendous amount of benefit that they have.

And Automation Anywhere is absolutely one of the points that are gonna take Vale to another level. They’ve been working with Automation Anywhere for over a year, and now it’s really about taking end-to-end processes, getting high accuracy, high speed through that whole process and being able to do that rapidly. So when Vale’s team is able to take sales from five days down to one day, and do their billings faster that’s got tremendous value much more than trying to save a few hours of time or a few FTEs here or there.

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