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Tips for Contact Center Automation

by sol-admin

We present to you some advice of Scott Merritt, Vice President at Jacada about Contact Center Automation:

When you think about customer service contact center automation, you want to consider attended RPA. Why? Because you have agents in the contact center answering phone calls; some are on chat; some are answering email. And you need to be prepared for the next 5 channels that come into the contact centers over the next few years. Don’t think of those in siloed groups. From an RPA perspective, you want to look for opportunities for horizontal automation. How do I grab a CTI screen pop? Pull forth the account number? Navigate to many applications that the agent needs to serve the customer? These all serve to surface information to pull forward a relevant context about that customer all the way down to leveraging robots to automate the after call work like call disposition. You can train robots to take notes as those agents are working through applications.

There’s no need to think about automating everything, just automating those small pieces. When you do that across thousands of users, you don’t have to find the big nuggets of low hanging fruit. Each one of those nuggets can drive 5-10% savings if you add them up over, let’s say, a 12-week period when you’re continuing to develop iterative robots and pushing those out to the organization.