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Top 3 RPA Trends in Healthcare

by sol-admin

Wherever you are living, Healthcare is a tremendously important industry for every country and every nation. Not to mention, how it is significant this year during the COVID-19 pandemic. Here you can learn some insights from Dr. Yan Chow, Global Industry Leader, Healthcare at Automation Anywhere into the top 3 trends in Healthcare in terms of digital transformation.

The first trend highlighted by Dr. Yan Chow is the attended automation. The main reason he mentioned attended automation is because healthcare workers are very special and they have lots of expertise and experience. So in that sense, automation means that you’re giving them a digital assistant to do more, to do the kinds of things they don’t want to do and shouldn’t be doing so that they can do other things. For example, Attended Automation could help healthcare workers do the paperwork, do the processes, do the data screen manipulations things like that and thereby allow them to focus on things like creativity, judgment, empathy, decision making, problem-solving, and perhaps the most important exception handling which is something that machines cannot do well.  

The second trend described by Dr. Yan Chow is interoperability. It is very important in healthcare because healthcare has been plagued by incompatible legacy systems. A bunch of systems accumulates over the years and even modern systems find it difficult to talk with other systems so that when you cannot look at data across silos, across systems you cannot get an overall holistic view of your organization or how it’s performing and in fact, it makes it very difficult to do things like financial forecasting, like predicting shortages, like inventory management, like predicting demand. It also makes it difficult to understand the organization where the bottlenecks are, what the delays are, what are the factors that correlate with the quality of care. But with automation or with an automation platform we can actually reach into different systems, look at the data, pull the data out, and extract it into an enterprise dashboard. You now have the ability to actually be able to start going through the real process of digital transformation, re-engineering your processes which is why interoperability is indeed the second major trend that’s emerging out of the pandemic.

And the last significant trend according to Dr. Yan Chow is compliance monitoring. The fact is that Healthcare is one of the most heavily regulated industries in the world. It’s regulated for safety quality, security, for regulatory compliance from top to bottom. That’s why the key thing to all of these areas is monitoring and for healthcare organizations, monitoring has always been very expensive, labor-intensive, and difficult to do. So the great thing about automation is that anywhere you put a bot, it will be able to tell you what’s going on to alert you to things that might be suspicious, to maybe even track quality standards, to track regulatory compliance and the bots can also generate a very granular audit trail,  a trail that’s available for regulators, for quality managers, and so on and so forth.