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Top RPA Use Cases in Customer Service

by Ant Sh
Top RPA Use Cases in Customer Service

Customer service RPA bots go above and beyond human capabilities since they can complete tasks more rapidly and consistently than people. Businesses can utilize RPA to automate various tasks associated with customer service. Let’s learn some of the most notable RPA use cases and case studies in customer service.

Automation of Common Customer Questions

Customer service RPA bots or AI-based customer service chatbots can collect and enter issue information into a ticket system. RPA customer service bots can also access the ticket database and tackle simple client concerns like:

  • Password or login information renewal
  • Updating orders, such as changing delivery address and requesting return code, among others
  • Making changes to payment information, such as credit card number or pay-at-the-door

By utilizing RPA customer service chatbots, companies can save significant time in both understanding customer issues and resolving simple customer issues.

One of the pension insurance companies, Varma reported saving about 330 hours a month of customer service time from implementing chatbots. As the chatbot grew and further understood common customer issues, it ended up with an average 85% automation rate.

Assistance for Customer Service Representatives

Most of the time, customers expect customer service representatives to understand their specific requirements and expectations, such as who they are and what they have purchased. An RPA bot can gather information about the consumer to address this problem, such as demographics, sales, previous complaints, or tickets, and send it to the customer service representative ahead of time, allowing them to anticipate customer questions and rapidly resolve the problem.

For instance, a sales call center Cobmax used IBM’s RPA solution to cut back-office activities by half, sell 20,000 products per month, and provide client reports in half the time, from 2-3 days to only a day.

Reporting Customer Complaints

RPA customer service bots can leverage NLP and OCR to comprehend customer complaints in emails or text messages, extract complaint data, input it into spreadsheets and text documents, and generate reports.

For example, Enfo Group leveraged RPA to automate its entire reporting process. By automating this process, the company saved roughly 70 hours per month while still generating all 300 necessary reports. This same type of automation can be applied to any type of reporting, including customer complaint reporting.

Automated Customer Refunds

Companies can use RPA solutions to automate the entire customer refund process. Automating this process allows customers to immediately receive a refund for returned products without a lengthy customer service interaction. This helps improve the customer experience.

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