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Topline Revenue and Cost Savings with RPA at Home Depot

by sol-admin

Founded in 1978, Home Depot now is the largest home improvement retailer in the United States, supplying tools, construction products, and services. It operates many big-box format stores across the United States, all 10 provinces of Canada, and all 32 Mexican states. As of 2020, Home Depot is ranked #26 on the Fortune 500 rankings of the largest United States corporations by total revenue. For the Q2 of 2020, the company reported sales of $38.1 billion.

As with other retailers, merchandising is one of the pillars the sales of Home Depot stand on. That’s why Mike-Madden Jones, Director, Interconnected Merchandising Solutions, is a pretty impactful person at Home Depot. Here is a brief interview with him where he answers a few questions of Jim Maholic, Senior Director, Value Engineering at UiPath about how Mike-Madden and his team got the attention of their top executives and rolled out RPA solutions across the company. The conversation also covers the following:

0:18 Mike’s title and role at Home Depot.
1:52 How they decided where to start the automation initiatives at Home Depot.
4:24 The number of processes Mike’s team has automated within Home Depot or at least within merchandising.
5:09 How they got their employees engaged to want to experiment with this and then roll this out for themselves and others.
7:32 How this automation helped deliver top-line growth and cost takeout.
11:13 A few things that Mike would tell somebody who’s just starting out on this journey to help bring the success (some traps to avoid and tips to learn from).