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Tryg Leveraged UiPath RPA to Surpass the Target of 50% for No-Touch Claims Processing

by Ant Sh
Nordic Insurance Leader TRYG Leveraged UiPath RPA to Achieve 50% No-Touch Claims Processing

Tryg is the largest provider of general insurance services in the Nordic countries, present in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Finland. The current company was created in 2002 through the merging of Nordea’s Insurance Activities and Tryg Forsikring, which traced its history back to the foundation of Kjøbenhavns Brandforsikring in 1731.

In recent years, Tryg has seen rapid growth in digital communications with its customers. It’s part of the move to greater experience through speedy, efficient processes that ensure customers receive the levels of service they demand. Many of TRYG customers’ claims are low value, such as a tire change and windshield damage following simple, repeatable steps. The company saw that it could apply straight-through-processing (STP) so the entire process could be completed with no manual intervention. RPA was chosen as the most suitable tool to achieve that.

The insurance provider opted for UiPath as a rapidly expanding portfolio of technologies such as Studio X or AI Fabric, which allows an organization like Tryg to take automation off in different directions and deepen what’s possible from automations.

Claims processing was an ideal place to start and formed the RPA proof of concept for the company. People want their insurance claims on the same day, rather than waiting days or months whenever possible. Since the initial pilot, Tryg has advanced rapidly to create a digital workforce that supports its human employees, helping improve productivity, optimize processes and workflows, and, as a result, enhance customer experience. Today, there are roughly 89 bots delivering automation to virtually every part of the business, handling some 750,000+ transactions every year.

“A bot can easily read through 500 pages of policy documents to find the 10 relevant points based on pre-defined rules and logic. It’s faster than a human and doesn’t miss anything. The bots read through the policy documents and create a good summary for sales agents. Another bot uses the same logic to ready health documents and register customers and allocates products. This speedy and streamlined process comforted the applicant to get a response much quicker, leading to increased customer satisfaction.”

Gurdeep Chopra, Automation CoE Lead and Product Owner, Tryg


In 2020, Tryg surpassed its target of 50% for no-touch claims processing*. The firm attributes its success to the combination of UiPath RPA and its new claims management system.

*Touchless claims processing is an innovative way of handling a claim from first notice of loss (FNOL) through to settlement with no human interference.

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