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Turbotic’s Webinar: How to Optimize Intelligent Automation Programs

by Ant Sh
2 Days Left till Turbotic's Webinar on How to Optimize Intelligent Automation Programs

What does automation typically promise? Significant quality, speed, efficiency, agility, etc. But in a multivendor, multi-technology automation world, complexities add up quickly and realizing these benefits is definitely challenging. Most RPA projects fail because of underestimated operational costs, low utilization rate, low license usage and more. That’s why reducing operational costs and automating the management of automation become the top priorities for automation leaders.

One of the front-runners in transforming companies with a technology-first mindset, Turbotic, prepared its relevant session where you will learn:

  • Why & How to optimize your automation program end-to-end;
  • How you can unlock major benefits and savings by digitizing end-to-end Automation workflow;
  • How you can reduce your operational costs by ~70% and improve productivity by ~30%.

You’ll also see a demo on how Turbotic manages all these aspects of an automation program intelligently and efficiently within a single platform.


The webinar is scheduled for September 8, 2022, 12:30 PM EST USA / 5.30 PM London / 10.00 PM IST India.