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UiPath AI Summit Recordings

by sol-admin

UiPath AI Summit is a series of nine exclusive webinars where business leaders across multiple industries share real-life use cases on running AI-based automations as a fully automated enterprise. To watch all the webinars you have only to sign up on the UiPath website for instant on-demand access.

Here are the titles of those nine webinars:

  1. Keynote Session with P.D. Singh, VP of AI, UiPath
  2. AI across Industries and Domains
  3. AI in Healthcare
  4. AI in Insurance
  5. AI in Banking and Financial Services
  6. AI in the Public Sector
  7. AI Playbook
  8. AI 101: Things You Should Know to Build Smarter Robots
  9. Implementing Your First AI-enabled Automation

You can see the highlights from one of the nine in the following video. The webinar’s title is “AI in Insurance”. As a part of the UiPath AI Summit, it was recorded on March 3, 2021. Five speakers from Forrester Research, Cognizant, Mercer, and UiPath discussed:

  • How to use AI to improve customer experience, reduce costs and time, and how to tackle their data deluge
  • Why 25% of the Insurance industry could be automated by 2025
  • How machine learning can save nearly 80% of time and costs with document processing
  • Where to start and how to decide which automation use cases can benefit from AI