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UiPath Announced that Japan’s Largest Telco is Using one of the Vendor’s Products

by Ant Sh
UiPath Announced that Japan's Largest Telco is Using one of the Vendor's Products

UiPath today announced that NTT DOCOMO, Japan’s largest telecommunications company, has leveraged the UiPath Test Suite to enhance its application delivery infrastructure and improve operational efficiency.

Since deploying the UiPath Test Suite, the Service Design Department has significantly reduced the mobile application test time in the learning, specification creation and execution processes from two weeks to several days. The UiPath Test Suite has also helped increase the frequency of mobile application releases from quarterly to bi-weekly. Additionally, the team was also able to perform a full test in one hour, as compared to taking an entire day prior to implementing the UiPath Test Suite.

On the other hand, the responsibility of testing was managed by single personnel called the Test Master in the past. With the UiPath Test Suite, multiple team members are now able to share test creations, eliminating the pressure for a single person to create all the tests. As a result, the number of test scenarios that can be developed has steadily increased. To date, eighty test scenarios have already been developed for testing the delivery infrastructure. As a next step, NTT DOCOMO is planning to expand test automation to other platforms in its Service Design Department.

“We are pleased to play an integral role in NTT DOCOMO’s automation journey, by helping them increase operational efficiency and drive better business outcomes. We will continue to support NTT DOCOMO in democratizing automation and building the foundation for continuous and evolving innovation as they widen their automation efforts in other business areas.”

Rob Enslin, Co-Chief Executive Officer, UiPath