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by sol-admin

UiPath assistant is an application that allows you to view, manage, and schedule jobs. As a client of the robot service, it can request to start or stop jobs and change settings based on user input. Once you have UiPath Studio or Studio X installed on your machine in order to bring UiPath assistant up just launch it. You are presented with three widgets:

  • Running processes
  • Process lists
  • Reminders

The first one lets you see all currently running processes. This is where you can pause, resume, or stop a process.

The process list widget allows you to view all the available automation processes from the environment and folders. The robot is a part of if it’s connected to Orchestrator or local ones if it’s offline. Here you can download, update, start, or stop a process or even search for a specific one from the list.

Last but not least, the reminders widget enables you to create reminders for specific processes you want to be executed.

In this demo you can also find out:

– How to get your UiPath assistant online if it’s not already connected to Orchestrator.
– How to install a process.
– The difference between foreground and background processes.
– How to run a process at a specific time.
– And other tricks and tips on how to easily use UiPath Assistant.